Clinical Cat Clock

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Introducing the Clinique Cat Clock: a unique and charming way to tell the time! Show your love for cats with this whimsical and modern design, which features artwork depicting a charming group of cats waiting patiently at a clinic. The colors are bright and cheerful, bringing an air of energy and fun to any room. It's perfect for any feline lover - why not show off your favorite furballs with this eye-catching piece of art? Plus, it will allow you to stick to your schedule!

This clock works equally well as an accent piece or as part of an overall theme. Perfectly sized, the Clinique Cat Clock will add a touch of personality wherever it goes, whether in your living room, bathroom, kitchen or office. It offers a wonderful combination of craftsmanship and charm that is sure to delight your family members and friends. And since it's battery operated, installation is child's play!

Add some purr-sound to your space with the Clinique Cat Clock – buy yours today!

  • Quartz movement: precise, quiet and durable.
  • Available in 2 versions: With and without LED (7 color variations)
  • Clock made from a recycled vinyl record
  • Supplied with 1 remote control (for the version with LED)
  • Diameter : 30 cm
  • Weight : 300g
  • Works with a AA battery