Cat Duvet Covers

What's better than a Cat Duvet Cover to decorate your bedroom? With one of the superb bed sets that you will find in this collection, you will be able to create an extraordinary room.


This collection of duvet covers will leave you speechless. With more than 70 models, you will definitely find what you are looking for at Monde Chat! Ranging from single to super king, you can be sure that we have the size that will perfectly match the model of your bed and mattress.

With a cat bedding set , you will completely change the atmosphere of your bedroom. We offer covers with a sober and classic design with just a logo or a cat's face. But we also have more eccentric models ranging from graphic illustrations to a realistic 3D photo of a feline.

We mainly offer 4 sizes of bedding set:

  • Single (140x200cm)
  • Double (200x200cm)
  • King (240x220cm)
  • Super King (260x220cm)

Whether for your child's single bed or for a king size bed, you will find the same designs.


These bedroom decorations are supplied with 2 pillowcases for the 2-person cat bedding sets , and with a pillow for the 1-person cat duvet covers . If you ever hesitate between different designs, one of the advantages is that you can choose several. In fact, you can opt for a different model each season. Your room will be able to change its atmosphere regularly, plus when you wash a kitten duvet cover , you should always have a spare!


If your child has a room all to himself, then he will most likely want to decorate it with something that suits him. So if he loves felines, he will certainly want to represent them with a cat duvet cover for children . Generally a young child or girl will prefer to opt for a cover with a colorful pattern with brighter colors and more eccentric designs. And a teenager or a boy will probably prefer to have a set on his bed with more sober shades such as black, white or gray, as well as designs that will be more classic and sober.

The bedding sets are also perfect if you or your child want to organize a pajama party with friends. This will give a welcoming and warm atmosphere to your room.


Spend a great night's sleep by putting on your comfortable duvet on the inside and with a unique design on the outside. Your child will spend unforgettable nights immersed in the most beautiful dreams thanks to one of our superb cat duvets!

To finalize the decoration of your room, why not hang a superb cat clock on your wall? An essential decorative element in a bedroom, so as not to leave a white wall without decoration. Join the movement by showing your love for these animals through decoration.