Cat Throws

Add decoration and life to your living room or bedroom with one of these magnificent Cat Throws ! In addition to having a fun and unique design, this blanket will allow you to stay warm when winter approaches and the temperature drops!

Our uniquely designed Cat Blankets

The Cat is only love and gentleness, he transmits us positivity and happiness. Anyone lucky enough to have one of these adorable balls of fur at their side knows that this animal relaxes and touches us. So what could be better than a soft blanket with a design on it showing one of these adorable little creatures, to keep us company and keep us warm?

Thus, thanks to the design featuring these animals, our Cat Blankets will bring a feeling of well-being and comfort to your home, whether to accompany you in your living room, but also in your bedroom when you are in bed. . This type of cover with a unique design can also be used as decoration!

A perfect Cat Blanket for winter

All our Kitten Throws are ultra soft and have an original design that will allow you to reflect your personality and share your love for our favorite animals. Our teams and designers have done their best to provide you with the most choice at the best possible quality. So don't hesitate any longer and adopt one of these superb blankets now!

With these blankets, you no longer risk being cold during your long winter evenings. They are specially made so that you can put them on you during your movie or series evenings on your sofa. These throws are just as well suited to be placed over the cover of your bed if it is not enough.

Unparalleled comfort

Our fleece throws are just as soft as a real cat. So there's a good chance that once you've tried one, you'll never want to take it off! By having this Kitten Blanket on you or on your bed, over your duvet cover, there is a good chance that your pet will settle on it, to sleep there, and never want to leave it!

Monde Chat offers several dozen different models, so you can be sure to find the design that suits you best. We offer throws with a classic design, but also products with a more fun and funny design. In addition, you will find up to 4 different sizes for most of our models, ranging from the small size that can be used as a blanket for your cat, to the larger size that can be used as a blanket.

You prefer to have a decoration that symbolizes your totem animal in another room. With our cat shower curtains , you can show your love for kitties right up in your bathroom.