Cat Satchels

In this collection, you can find a large number of Cat Satchels ! Whether for you, for your child or for a friend, you will definitely make someone happy by purchasing one of these products.


If you want to buy a back-to-school bag for a child who loves cats, you've come to the right place. You can find a large number of backpacks for the little ones. Your children will be able to store all their belongings in a schoolbag that suits them.

Choosing a cat backpack for children is a problem every year. Indeed, little ones generally choose their school bag based on aesthetics, but parents will choose more based on the resistance and lifespan of this accessory. We have therefore, with our team, tried to unite these two points to offer you the best bag, offering aesthetics and quality.

With this great bag on his back, your child will make new friends without any problem. His classmates will certainly be jealous of his bag and will therefore naturally go towards him. If your child finds himself at school and misses the presence of his pet. Offering him one of our super models representing his favorite animal to keep him company is a very good idea!


On Monde Chat, we offer you a large number of products. Thanks to their materials and their quality 3D printing, our items are resistant and will last over time.

We know very well that all children love animals and especially cats. Whether for your son or daughter or even as a gift for a child. You will find the model that suits him the most and it will be a perfect gift for him.

The backpack is the main accessory for a child going to school, so this accessory must correspond perfectly to your child. It can change your child's desire and academic results. If he likes to carry his bag, he will certainly be happy to go to school with it.


Generally, children going to school tend to have a big backpack. This type of schoolbag, too big and cumbersome, is useless for a young person. With our products, your little one will be free to move around, be able to carry all their belongings and won't have to carry a big bag.

Our items are perfect for storing small notebooks, snacks and course kits. In addition, the side pockets are perfect for storing your bottle. Make them forget the problems that a young person may encounter during the first days of school by giving them a companion who will follow them all day.

If you are looking for an accessory that you can carry and install anywhere. Our cat key rings are ideal, you can keep them with you in any condition.