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Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

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Does your cat regularly follow you everywhere you go? You don't know exactly why? Would you like to understand the cause?

Rest assured, we are experts when it comes to cats. We know exactly why your cat tends to follow you.

Very often, cats follow us in order to attract our attention. They generally seek to express a desire or need through their meows. Generally speaking, when your cat follows you everywhere, he shows you affection and seeks to keep you company, because he appreciates your presence.

Cat panties

There are 7 main reasons why your cat follows you. We will present them to you in this article so that you can identify precisely what your cat is trying to tell you, depending on the context.

You will then be an expert in deciphering your pet! You will notice that sometimes the reason is not necessarily obvious…

You are ready ? So let’s get started without further delay!

1/ Your cat follows you because he loves you very much.

My cat follows me everywhere

This is the most common reason why your cat follows you everywhere. Just like dogs, cats establish a very strong emotional bond with their owner.

Very often, the cat follows its master or mistress because it likes their company, it wants to be at their side. This should be seen as a beautiful proof of love on his part.

Cats are certainly more independent than other pets. They have their tender moments during which they can express a lot of love!

In these moments, they can settle down near us to receive a cuddle, purr or... follow us everywhere in the house!

Cats are sociable animals and need daily interaction. If they don't get this attention, they may become sad in the long run.

Rest assured, if your cat tends to follow you, it is likely that it is simply a token of love on his part! These little felines are actually very attached to us, although they have specific moments for tenderness and cuddles.

2/ Your cat wants something.

This is the second most common reason. It's very likely that your cat follows you everywhere because he wants something . The difficulty will be to understand what he wants.

For example, if your cat follows you into the kitchen, he probably wants something to eat like kibble. If he comes into your room, he probably wants to sleep next to you.

Very often, cats follow us into the bathroom. This room in the house is very popular with many felines. It is not always easy to understand what they want to do there.

If your cat follows you into your bathroom, he certainly wants to get a drink from the tap or simply stay close to you in all circumstances!

Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

3/ Your cat needs help.

Rest assured, this third scenario is unlikely, but it is still worth mentioning.

Frequently, when a cat is not feeling well, it prefers to remain discreet and hide its pain. He will remain silent even if you approach him.

However, sometimes some cats act completely differently and will come to you to let you know that they are not well .

This is why cats abandoned on the street occasionally come to us and try to stay with us.

This scenario is quite easy to detect since you will quickly sense that something is wrong with him. His behavior will be different, he will hardly eat anymore, will no longer wash himself, etc.

cat follows me in the street

4/ Your pet is bored!

This reason is quite common in reality!

For example, you are home alone with your cat and you need to work calmly for several hours.

Your cat doesn't see the same opinion and is bored. You can be sure that it won't let you down and will always follow you wherever you go!

When your cat is bored , he instinctively seeks a presence (yours) in order to pass the time. Here are some typical examples:

  • You are watching television and your cat sits in front of the screen.
  • You read a book or comic book, your cat curls up on it and stops you from reading.
  • You are working on your computer, your cat comes to sit on the keyboard.

In these very common cases, cats are looking for attention . They want you to make time for them.

My cat follows me everywhere

Very often, cats demand attention when we are focused on something like the television or the computer...

5/ Your cat wants to feel safe.

Sometimes the bond between a cat and a human is similar to that of a father or mother with their child.

This can happen especially if the cat was adopted very early, when it was still a tiny kitten.

If your baby feline follows you everywhere, it's most likely why. In their nature, kittens tend to follow their mothers everywhere .

It happens that many years later, the adult cat retains this habit. He then associates you with a parent who can provide him with security and kindness .

Socialization is a very important process in young cats. In the first months of their life, they are used to playing with their brothers and sisters. If the kitten was separated from its family too early, it may develop this parent/child bond with you.

This idea of ​​security is also present when your cat follows you to sleep . In the wild, they are vulnerable when sleeping. This is why they will always tend to choose a secure place where they feel good.

My cat follows me everywhere

If you find your cat under a duvet or in a cupboard, it's completely normal! He must feel safe there.

6/ He tries to play.

Play time is very important for cats.

This usually results in times of bird or mouse hunting. Note that the cat loves to play with its prey . Their hunting instinct is very present in their genetics.

However, these little felines also like to play with us!

An indoor cat will have a doubly tendency to seek this stimulation . Not being able to go play outside is unnatural, so he will look to do fun things around the house.

This could be, for example, playing with a roll of toilet paper, scratching a sofa, attacking plants or playing catch with its tail.

It is not uncommon, for example, for a cat to hide in the shadows, under a table or a dryer, with the aim of ambushing you when you pass by!

They love to have fun with us like this. Very often, they follow us to play with us !

There is a good method to avoid being too disturbed by your cat. It consists of buying him a few games so that he can occupy himself completely independently. This could be, for example, a cat tree, a fake mouse, a ball or even a scratching post...

My cat follows me everywhere

7/ He obeys his instinct.

In the wild, one of the most common activities a cat does is patrolling its territory for hours .

They like to be sure that everything is okay, that there are no intruders around, etc.

If you have the impression that your cat is constantly rubbing against you or the furniture in your home, it is because he is patrolling his territory!

In a house or apartment, the cat will sometimes tend to think that you are doing the same when you move. As a good companion, he wants to accompany you in this role.

Cats are animals that have lots of routines. It is common to see them at our side with the aim of “monitoring” the territory.

You can easily notice this in his attitude: He tends to look from side to side while accompanying you and rubbing against you.

Why does your cat meow while following you?

Cats tend to meow more frequently when in contact with humans. They consider us their father or mother. In nature, a cat meows almost exclusively when it is very small, near its mother.

If your cat meows while following you, it is most likely because he needs something , just like he used to ask his mother. This could be food, attention, comfort, or something else depending on the context.

If the relationship with your cat is healthy, positive, caring, there is no reason to worry. We advise you to simply return this tenderness!

Your cute little cat loves you! Make sure to give him lots of love in return!

Offer the best to your cat!

You now have all the keys in hand to decipher your cat's behavior! If the latter follows you everywhere, it is most likely for one of the following reasons:

  • He loves you very much
  • He wants something
  • He needs help
  • He gets bored
  • He seeks security
  • He wants to play
  • He patrols his territory

If you have managed to identify why your cat is following you, you may be interested in some of our products.

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