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Why does my cat stick to me?

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Are you wondering why your cat is clinging to you ? What is the possible cause? Why is he cuddlier than usual?

The Monde Chat experts have written an article for you on the subject! We are passionate about cat behavior and we are going to tell you everything about this phenomenon.

If your cat sticks to you, it's mainly because he loves you a lot. Some cats are particularly loving and affectionate towards their owners. This is why he follows you everywhere and is very cuddly.

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In this article, we will present to you all the possible reasons why your cat is sticking to you everywhere.

Let's get started without further ado! 🐱

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1/ Your cat sticks to you because he adores you!

As we just saw in the introduction, this is the most common reason! So, rest assured, everything is fine, your little feline is very attached to you . Generally speaking, cats are rather independent and only come to us when they have their moment.

However, some develop a much stronger attachment than average and have a tendency to be slightly dependent on their owner. The reasons are multiple: Character traits, too rapid separation from the mother…

So your cat enjoys your company and does not hesitate to follow you everywhere and stick to you. It can get a little annoying at times but be understanding towards this little animal! He only has good intentions and expresses a lot of love for you!

sticky cat

2/ Your cat sticks to you because he is hungry!

Most cats naturally come to their owners when they are hungry ! This cause is less adorable than the first…

Some owners who have several cats confirm that when they walk around their house at mealtime, many of their little felines begin to follow them.

If you notice that your cat is particularly hungry , you can take him to the veterinarian to make sure he is in good health. Sometimes this can be due to diabetes or hyperthyroidism.

To find out if your cat is following you very closely because he is hungry, simply go into the kitchen to check. If the latter starts to point to the kibble reserve, then you have found the cause!

hungry sticky cat

If your cat is rather greedy, then it's a safe bet that he will follow you in order to get a good bowl!

3/ Your cat is very curious!

Almost all cats, without exception, are very curious by nature! So, as soon as there is something new at home, they will be sure to go and see what is going on.

For example, if you are setting up a desk in a room or gardening in your garden, there is a good chance that your kitty will not let you go for the duration of the event!

Curiosity attracts them, they love to analyze and understand new things.

We could also cite the example of the Christmas period. When you take out the decorations (garlands and balls), the cats love to stay by our side and play with all these fascinating new objects.

So, don't be surprised if your cat sticks to you when you're bringing change and novelty into your home. This will certainly fascinate your little feline who will not fail to stay close to you during the entire operation!

curious cat

Why does my cat suddenly stick to me? Why is he cuddlier than usual?

This question is very common, how can you explain a change in behavior of this type if your cat was different before?

The answer may lie in recent events, has your cat experienced stress ? Do you feel like he needs reassurance? Often, a cat that has been very frightened will tend to seek protection from its owner.

Another possible answer may be a change in one's health . Maybe your cat has a problem and is trying to let you know. But be careful, in such a situation he will not be as cuddly as in previous situations. If you have a very close relationship with your cat, you should feel it.

If you feel like he's not doing very well, don't take any chances and take him to the vet.

A final possibility is that your cat is bored . It's bad weather outside and he can't go out. In such a situation, it is very possible that he will start hugging you and giving you big hugs!

cuddle cat

Your cat sticks to you at night: He is looking for protection.

You should know that in its natural state, the cat is in a vulnerable position when it sleeps. Some cats who have experienced trauma or fear may tend to sleep very close to their owner during the night.

It’s a security measure for them and they feel reassured. It’s a way of unconsciously protecting yourself and being able to sleep peacefully.

We also invite you to read our previous blog article on the topic “ why does my cat follow me everywhere? ”, so you can discover other possible causes.

Note that if your cat is young, it is completely normal for it to want to sleep next to you. This is a natural reflex among kittens, who are used to staying with their mother in nature.

Either way, it's an adorable attitude and your cat is showing you a nice show of affection! Return this love to him and you can create a very close relationship ! Don't hesitate to pet him for several minutes when he purrs!

fearful cat

Take care of your cat!

Now you know all the possible reasons why your cat is clinging to you!

Remember that in the vast majority of cases, this will be a great proof of affection from your companion. He will naturally love your presence and want to stay by your side.

Other somewhat rarer cases are boredom, hunger, worry, curiosity and illness .

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