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'U' Cat Names: Inspiration and Tips for 2023

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Welcome to the fascinating world of purebred cat names, a domain where tradition and affection meet. Each year, a specific letter is chosen to name new breed felines, a practice that has its roots in historical and cultural traditions. In 2023, that letter is "U" , opening up an array of creative and meaningful possibilities for naming your feline companion.

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Historical and Cultural Context

This naming tradition dates back to the 19th century, establishing a unique connection between the initial letter of the name and the year the cat was born. In France, this practice is rigorously followed by the Official Book of Feline Origins ( LOOF ). In Japan, the naming of cats is influenced by deep cultural and social beliefs, often reflecting character traits or natural elements.

Why Choose a 'U' Cat Name

Choosing a 'U' name for your cat in 2023 isn't just about following the rules; it is also an opportunity to explore rich and varied meanings. In Japanese culture, each letter carries a particular essence. 'U' names can evoke qualities like uniqueness, elegance, or ingenuity . Choosing such a name can also reflect and influence your cat's personality, creating a special connection between the name and its individual nature.

This article explores these aspects in more detail, offering practical tips and inspiring examples to guide you in choosing the perfect name for your cat in 2023.

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Complete List of 'U' Cat Names

Male Names

  1. Odysseus - inspired by the Greek mythological hero, meaning "choleric".
  2. Uno - meaning "one" or "first" in Italian and Spanish.
  3. Ugo - Italian variant of "Hugo", meaning "spirit".
  4. Uriel – angel name meaning “Light of God”.
  5. Usher - meaning "doorkeeper" or "guide".
Ulysses Ugo Ulrich Umar Uther
Ulric Ulf Uriah Usain Udo
Ulises Uwe Uno Uday Uri
Ubaldo Urban Upton Ulick Umaro
Uzziel Uli Usher Uzel Ugo
Udolf Ulfred Urvan Urias Urian
Uras Urvil Usman Uvaldo Uxor
Ullman Urio Usher Ullrich Uram

Female Names

  1. Uma - meaning "tranquility" in Sanskrit.
  2. Ursula - of Latin origin, meaning "little bear".
  3. Umi - meaning "ocean" in Japanese.
  4. Unity - meaning "unity" in English.
  5. Utopia – representing an ideal or perfect place.
Uma Ursula Umi Unity Utopia
Umaima Ursa Uriana Ulani Ula
Ulrika Umbra Umaima Uliana Ulima
Uma Umayma Uriel Ulani Ula
Uzma Uzuri Ulyana Ulla Ulanda
Umaima Uriana Ulani Ula Ulrika
Umbra Umaima Uliana Ulima Uma
Umayma Uriel Ulani Ula Uzma
Uzuri Ulyana Ulla Ulanda


These names offer a variety of inspiring choices for cat owners, based on their tastes and their pets' personality traits.

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Practical Tips for Choosing Your Cat's Name

Adaptation to Cat Personality and Behavior

  • Careful Observation: Consider your cat's unique temperament, habits and reactions. A lively, playful cat might go well with a dynamic name, while a gentle name might suit a calmer cat.
  • Inspiration: Draw ideas from physical features, myths, literature, or even traditional Japanese names if that appeals to you.

Pronunciation and Assimilation

  • Simplicity: Choose a name that is easy to pronounce so that the cat will recognize it quickly. Short one- or two-syllable names are often more effective.
  • Consistency: Use the name regularly to speed up assimilation by the cat.

Legal and Administrative Implications

LOOF Rules

  • In France, registered purebred cats must follow the rule of the annual letter for their name. In 2023, it's the letter "U".
  • This tradition helps identify the cat's year of birth in records.

Registration and Participation in Competitions

  • For official registration, the full name (including breeder prefixes) is required.
  • In competition, a unique name can help your cat stand out.


In summary, choosing your cat's name is more than just a formality; it reflects the identity of your animal and your relationship with it. By considering personality, pronunciation, as well as legal implications, you can select a name that suits your feline companion perfectly, strengthening your unique bond.

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