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Weasel and Cat

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Wondering what the relationship is between weasels and cats? Do they get along or on the contrary are they enemies? Is it annoying to have a weasel in your garden when a cat lives there? Can a weasel kill and eat a cat?

We've done our research and we're going to answer all these questions!

In this article, you can see:

  • A quick presentation of the weasel
  • Videos showing cat behavior in the presence of this mammal
  • Tips to protect your cat

The behavior of the cat and the relationship with the weasel will then no longer be a secret for you. You will know how to react if your pet encounters this animal and the risks that can result.

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What is a weasel?

Before getting to the heart of the matter and seeing the cohabitation between these two animals, it is important to see who the weasel is in order to understand its behavior and its actions towards cats.

Let us then begin to see the lifestyle of this mammal, whether it is its habitat, its diet or its lifespan.

Weasel and CatWeasel Cat

Where does a weasel live?

Beautiful, intelligent and playful like a weasel, the weasel is a species of carnivorous mammals native to Central Asia and Europe, although there is a wild population in North America. Weasel fur color ranges from pale grayish brown to dark brown . A white or buff streak can be seen under the chin, which extends from the neck to the chest of the animal. In some eastern and southern regions this white stripe is absent. The young have gray fur on their back. The weasel may be the same size as a domestic cat, but its body is much slimmer and it is much shorter on its legs.

These animals prefer rock gardens and open deciduous forests in mountainous habitats. They prefer open landscapes, as they are less dependent on wooded areas than other martens. They are often found living near human habitation , and they can take up residence in buildings.

The Marten leads a solitary life most of the time, with the exception of family groups (mothers and their young) and mating pairs. They are nocturnal animals that live mainly at night, which is why you can hear them moving around while sleeping, but during the mating season they can frequently be seen in broad daylight. They are territorial and stay away from other individuals of their species.

What does a weasel eat?

The marten is omnivorous and feeds on small mammals such as rodents (rats, mice, field mice, etc.), birds (sparrows, blackbirds, etc.) but also on fruits and eggs.

When prowling, the weasel surprises its prey by pouncing on them. An excellent climber, she is able to access bird nests in order to eat what is there.


Free in the wild, the marten can live between 3 and 10 years . But in captivity, its lifespan can be up to 18 years.

Can a weasel kill a cat?

Here we are shedding light on this animal. Now that we have a better understanding of weasels, we will look at how they can attack cats and what to do if your pet is bitten.

Although weasels can be aggressive, cats and dogs are not prey for them , but rather the opposite. Cats and dogs will prey on these mammals and risk encountering a nasty bite from a weasel, which will use its sharp teeth to defend itself. But that doesn't mean a weasel will hunt down your cat or dog to kill and eat it.

Be careful, however, kittens, old cats and cats that are not in good health are less able to defend themselves and are therefore much more in danger from martens.

Do weasels eat cats?

Weasels are very small animals, much smaller than a cat. Although they can be carnivorous, it seems that no case of a weasel eating a cat has been reported. This is more of an urban legend than a fact that could actually happen.

Weasel attacks Cat

It is very rare to witness fights between weasels and cats. The majority of testimonies or videos that we have seen describe that it is the cat that comes to chase the weasel, whether because it eats its kibble or just for fun, as you can see in these two examples:

In the majority of cases, no hunting or attack will take place, they will only cross paths and the weasel will flee in fear of the cat being larger than it (see the video below)

And in very rare cases a Weasel vs Cat fight can take place. The weasel may attack the cat and try to bite it when feeling threatened. But this remains very rare and once the attack is made, the weasel will flee for fear of the feline's reaction.

Weasel bite on cat

A weasel bite is generally quite small and not very dangerous for a cat or dog. If, despite everything, your pet seems to have been bitten by this mammal and its wound does not look very nice, do not hesitate to see your veterinarian to ensure that the wound does not become infected and that your cat does not contract any disease.

Are weasels dangerous for cats?

As you can see, martens are not a big threat to adult cats . These mammals can come and bother them, but in the event of a fight, a normal-sized cat is not likely to be killed. However, you must be careful if you have young kittens, due to their small size and their weaker ability to defend themselves, the risk is increased.

With this wealth of information, you are now an expert on cat and weasel relationships! You are able to assess the risks and you will know how to react in the event of an attack and/or injury to your pet by this animal.

If, however, you have a lot of these mammals around your home, or your cat is at risk, you need to be careful.

This is why, in order to keep these small animals away from your home, we can suggest that you install cat statues in your garden. They will symbolize the presence of your animal, which will worry and keep the martens away from your home.

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