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The most beautiful colors of the Maine Coon

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Maine Coons are the most adorable cats in North America, dating back centuries. And if they are so famous , it is because they are beautiful and they have a reputation for being very intelligent .

These large cats with pointy, bushy ears have large, colorful eyes , thick, dense fur and a long, fluffy tail .

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They are very cute and very easy to distinguish from all other cats.

Because of their strengths (beautiful full coat, balance, colors, etc.), Maine Coons have participated in numerous exhibitions and won numerous competitions .

Since then, Maine cats have become the darlings of North Americans and have carved out a place of choice in Europe .

They are even part of many series and films , notably in Harry Potter .

Maine Coon Harry Potter

As a reminder, the Maine Coon cat is very sociable and will quickly make friends with caring people. This personality has made the Maine Coon a favorite and much talked about, including in France .

An important characteristic of these cats is their color which varies any range between black and white. Their color can be solid, two-tone or multi-colored with stripes and spots , making them truly unique.

This giant has so many different colors that making a list becomes difficult.

Maine Coon Families Colors

For ease, they are divided into 3 color families , to which we will add some variations (hair effects).


Solid Maine Coon

Solids are colors that dominate the Maine Coon's coat , without spots, stripes , or any other color combinations. Solid colors give the cat a magnificent appearance thanks to the combination of the same color and its thick, fluffy fur.

Maine Coon Colors

Here are the "Solid" colors recognized by Loof: red, white, black, cream, blue and shades of blue-gray, brown . The color will remain uniform and will have just a few nuances (hair effects).


The Maine Coon breed comes from across the Atlantic, it is more common to use the original term, the "Tabby" .

The “Tabby” color family is the best known Maine Coon. It has markings or scratches on the upper fur or lower undercoat.

Maine Coon Tabby

Depending on the type of stripes present and the colors present on the base of the stripes, different color combinations can be found in “Tabby” Maine Coons.

Depending on the type of stripes, they are divided into four categories :

  • The “ Classic ” or “Blotched Tabby”
  • The “ Tiger ” or “Maquerel Tabby”
  • The “ Spotted ” or “Spotted Tabby”
  • The “ Ticked ” or “Ticked Tabby”

Maine Coon marking


In the family of Maine Coons “ Particolores ” we can still distinguish two subfamilies ! I told you, Maine Coons have endless variations of coats that will make your cat a truly unique companion:


Maine Coon Bicolor

Bicolor cats have the same characteristics as “Tabby” but with white chest and paws . The classifications among them are:

  • Van
  • Harlequin
  • Two-tone
  • Cap and Saddle
  • Mask and Mandle
  • Tuxedo

Maine Coon Bicolor Spots


Commonly called " tortoiseshells ", tricolors have a black color on the base with cream and rust colored spots .

Note that “ tortoiseshells ” are female only . If, however, a male was tricolor, it would be the consequence of a genetic problem and will then be sterile.

Maine Coon Tricolor

Again, there are three subcategories of “tricolor” Maine Coons :

  • Calico : Mostly white with some black and red
  • The Torbie : Like the Calico but with “Tabby” spots. For example: tabby
  • The Tortie : Presents red, black and white colors with possible mixtures of cream or blue spots.


Maine Coon Hair Variant

In the Maine Coon, there are no less than 6 coat effects :

  • Ticked
  • Chinchilla
  • Silver
  • Smoke
  • Solid markings
  • Tabby Markings

Here is one of the most beautiful hair effects of the Maine Coon, the “Smoke”:


The "Smoke" color variant corresponds to a cat with a "solid" (solid) color but with a slightly lighter coat on the undercoat . These Maine Coons are very similar to their "Solid" colored friends, but when you move your hands inside the fur, the undercoat will have a lighter color .

Maine Coon Smoke

Many " Smoke " cats also have discolorations on their chest , which are visible when the cat sleeps upside down or when playing!

Before showing you the 10 most beautiful colors of the Maine Coon, here is a little video of adorable Maine Coon kittens !


As you have seen, the color patterns of the Maine Coon are absolutely incredible ! However, certain completely classic colors remain unbeatable and are among the most sought-after.

The most popular colors of Maine Coons are:


Red Maine Coon

Red Maine Coons are the brightest and most popular . This color really stands out from all the other colors.

Plain or with any other combination such as white, patterns, spots or stripes, red is very popular.

Red is the most common color and the majority of Maine Coons are “Solid” or “Bicolor” red. The color is close to a mixture of orange and ginger.

Red Maine Coon

Red Maine Coons most often have a "Tabby" coat (tabby for example) with white and dark red markings. And if you are looking for a “solid” (plain) red Maine Coon, know that it is not easy!

The red Maine Coon “Tabby” has golden or copper eyes that go perfectly with the undercoat. The color of the nose and legs is pink and sometimes red.

Do you know ? It has been observed that 90% of red Maine Coons are males ! Genetics mean that the predominantly red color is rarely transmitted to females.

Red is a color linked to the X chromosome. In a female, the two X chromosomes combine to form a new color. In a male cat, the Y chromosome does not give any color. So the X chromosome transmits its red color to the male.

To find out everything about this color, discover our complete article: Maine Coon Roux, a World Champion !


Black Maine Coon

A black Maine Coon has a dense , black coat from head to toe . There is no red, no undercoat color, no stripes and no spots.

The nose is black although the legs may be a little black-brown . This solid color (Solid) is very beautiful and elegant. Our gaze can only be caught by this deep black coat, contrasted by golden or brown eyes .

Some have thick black colors with, however, a little grayish on the chest and ear tufts. The undercoat can also be a little grayish , and this is when the coat is said to have a " Smoke " appearance.

Black Maine Coon

Until the Maine Coon is old enough , it is difficult to know whether it is a " pure black " color or a " smoky black " (Smoke). Because smoky cats have a different color undercoat, smoky black cats appear to look black, at least at first...

I've seen many pet owners think their pet is "solid" (plain) black when it was smoky black. They don't realize it until they meet a breeder.

Have you checked your cat's undercoat?


White Maine Coon

The White Maine Coon is like an angel coming to your home . It is the purest color of cats. A solid white with a pinkish effect on the tufts of the nose and ears.

These stunning Maine Coons are adorable pets whose color contrasts with their surroundings, making them truly beautiful .

Do you know ? The color of white cats is not a color gene but a masking gene . So this white color is the result of chance and cannot be transmitted. The breeder must be very wise to breed a solid white Maine Coon because this color is not passed down from generation to generation .


Maine Coon Cream

Cream Maine Coons are a bit like white Maine Coons, but with a few differences. The cream Maine Coon can be a “solid” Maine Coon, that is, with a cream-colored body throughout . Or, it can be combined with other colors like silver, gray or white.

Most of the time, cream Maine Coons are found with a combination of colors or patterns. The most famous is the " Cream Cameo Tabby " because it gives shades of silver and blue with a cream-colored background.

These shades work wonders and give this cat a magnificent coat.


Brown Maine Coon

The brown Maine Coon is similar to all the other cats we find in our neighborhood. Brown is easily available from any breeder because this very beautiful color is common and easy to obtain naturally.

Brown Maine Coons are found in natural " solid " (solid) colors or in combination with different patterns and shades . “Smoked” brown cats with a white undercoat are the most famous of all.

Brown Maine Coons can also be found in many different colors like white, silver, cameo, or cream.


Maine Coon Cameo

The Maine Coon with the “Cameo” coat is the combination of a cream base with a touch of red and silver . It has a bright red color on the upper part of the body with a combination of shiny silver on the lower part of the body.

The tail is again a combination of these two colors one of which is vibrant and the other is white.

Cameo cats' paws are pure white , which makes them even more beautiful. These Maine Coons look more like cats from the Red family than white or “silver” cats, but their colors combine perfectly !


Silver Maine Coon

Silver Maine Coons are different from all other cats and breeds and are not readily available from breeders .

Finding a silver color in Maine Coons is difficult and requires a professional breeder.

This color is very different and is sometimes considered a bright version of gray cats . Silver Maine Coons can be found with color and pattern combinations such as: "silver tabby", "smokysilver" or "silver cameo". The “silver cameo tabby” is one of the most famous colors of Maine Coons but very difficult to find in France .


Blue Maine Coon

Blue Maine Coons are not exactly blue in color but a shade of blue with a touch of silver . These are mostly found in " Solid " (plain) colors .

The color is very beautiful and goes perfectly with mainly golden or green eyes , truly divine!

The body and fur have a strong presence of smoky blue colors and although the nose and ear tufts can be blue, a shade of blue or white is sometimes seen.

The blue Maine Coon can be combined with white either on the chest or on the undercoat. To be honest, I prefer them in solid colors!


Maine Coon Blue Gray

The blue-gray Maine Coon is beautiful, like the blue Maine Coon. This is a gray mix on the upper part of the blue Maine Coon. The shine is always the same , and even more perfect in "solid" (plain) colors. But you can find it in several color combinations .

When combined with other colors, the solid color loses its shine and the combinations stand out.

Finally, the ear tufts and nose are gray or black in the blue-gray MaineCoon.


Maine Coon Black White

The black and white colors of the Maine Coon are bright and attention-grabbing. The base color is black, but the chest and undercoat are white, which makes it look completely different from all other Maine Coons.

The color is quite similar to other black-white combination cat breeds, but the features as well as these colors are very visible.

Maine Coon White Black

The area from between the eyes and chest to the legs is white. Therefore, the part on the front side is black and white, while that on the side is a dense and bright black.

The nose is pink in color and the legs are mainly white . The eyes vary but are said to be half the color and barely distinguishable due to the bright body color.

Maine Coon

To conclude,

As you now know, there is a very wide variety of colors of Maine Coons and many combinations are possible !

So much so that it becomes difficult to choose from this range of colors and patterns.

So, for your Maine Coon, what color will you choose?

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Remember, your Maine Coon will thank you even more for thinking of him if you find out why cats need a cat tree .

See you soon for a new article full of love and feline sweetness!

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