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How to draw a Kawaii Cat

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If you find yourself here, it's because you're probably a fan of manga, Japanese animation or Japan in general! So if you're interested in these drawing styles, you've come to the right place! In this article, we will explain to you how to draw a kawaii cat easily by explaining in detail all the steps to follow. In more or less 5 minutes, you will know exactly how to master the pencil strokes to succeed in drawing your first super cute little cat! I promise, it won't be complicated!

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To create your little masterpiece, you will need the right materials. To know :

  • Drawing paper or A3 type sheet, preferably
  • A pencil
  • Colored pencils of your choice, or even felt-tip pens
  • Passion to bring your kitten to life!

Do you have everything you need? That’s perfect, let’s move on!

What is a Kawaii Drawing?

Before you grab your pencil and drawing paper, it's interesting to know the definition of the term Kawaii ! If you are not familiar with the Japanese world, this word may seem completely unfamiliar to you. But don't panic, we'll explain it to you!

The term Kawaii , as you guessed it, comes directly from the Japanese language and means the idea of ​​being cute . For example, the Kawaii style represents outfits, mainly feminine, in accordance with childhood and innocence. For example, wearing pastel colors, like pink or blue, or using accessories like stuffed animals, keychains with pompoms, or even lollipops, is considered kawaii!

Compared to kawaii drawing , the idea is the same. Creating a so-called “kawaii” drawing consists of accentuating certain features and simplifying the details of the body in order to make the character easy to reproduce, as if it were intended for children! To summarize, the characteristics of kawaii drawing can be defined in two points:

  • A disproportionate head with big eyes
  • A small body, simply drawn

Enough talking, now let's get down to business!

Step 1: First pencil strokes


Start by drawing the first eye of the kawaii cat on the left, which is open and round with a little white sparkle inside to give shine. In the center, sketch the beginning of the mouth as a small wavy line resembling a "w". On the right, draw the second eye which represents a wink, thus showing a cute and mischievous expression for your cat. These three elements form the basis of your kawaii cat's face, and will guide you for the following steps.

Step 2: Sketch the Round Face

Kawaii Cat Drawing 2
After drawing the basic elements of the face, it's time to give shape to the cat's head. Draw two soft, rounded curves on each side to form the outer contour of the face. These curves start slightly above eye level and descend to surround the face, almost meeting at the bottom.
Then add the mouth, which is represented by a small upward curve to give the cat a happy look. Just below each eye, draw a small circle. These circles are often used in kawaii designs to represent rosy cheeks or spots, adding an extra touch of cuteness to the character.
Make sure all features are well placed and symmetrical for a well-balanced face. These details will bring your kawaii cat to life and make him even more adorable.

Step 3: Adding the Ears and Fine-tuning the Face

Kawaii Cat Drawing 3
Now it's time to add the cat's distinctive ears to complete the head shape. Draw two rounded arcs starting from the top of the head and pointing slightly outward. These arcs will form the cat's ears.
At this point, the drawing begins to come to life with a more complete appearance. Make sure to keep the strokes soft and rounded to maintain the kawaii style.

Step 4: Finalizing the Details

Kawaii Cat Drawing 4
In this step, the focus is on the details of the cat's ears. The inside of the two triangular ears are drawn in the shape of triangles, thus providing contrast and highlighting this particular area of ​​the cat's head.

Step 5: Adding the Whiskers and First Paw

Kawaii Cat Drawing 5

In this step, we will further accentuate the personality of our kawaii cat. Start by drawing three thin whiskers on each side of the cat's face. They should start on the outer side of the cheeks, stretching outwards. Next, carefully draw the shape of the right front paw at the bottom left of the image, right next to the cat's body. Make sure to follow the natural curvature that a real cat's paw might have for a cute and realistic look. This step not only brings detail to your drawing, but it also adds a playful and adorable touch to your kawaii cat.

Step 6: Finalizing the Front Legs

Kawaii Cat Drawing 6

After adding the first leg in the previous step, it's time to complete the pair. In this step, you will draw the cat's left front paw. Position this paw slightly further from the first, make sure to maintain a soft rounded shape for the paws to maintain that cute and kawaii look. Once both paws are traced, your cat will begin to have a more defined posture, reinforcing its adorable appearance and bringing your creation to life.

Step 7: Trace the Rounded Back

Kawaii Cat Drawing 7

Now it's time to give shape to our Kawaii cat's body. In this step, draw the curve of the cat's back, starting near the back of its head and gently moving down to the bottom. This line should be soft and slightly rounded to maintain the cute, plump style of the cat. It should look like an arc or part of a circle.

Step 8: Adding the Body and Left Rear Leg

Kawaii Cat Drawing 8

In this step we will complete the body drawing of our Kawaii cat.

  1. Start by drawing the left side of his body, extending the line from the bottom of the head.
  2. At the end of this line, draw a rounded shape to represent the left hind leg.
  3. Make sure to connect this leg to the rest of the body to give a flowing and natural appearance.

Step 9: Drawing the Tail and Leg Details

Kawaii Cat Drawing 10

  1. Start by drawing the tail, this cute little animal. Draw a gentle curved line rising from the base of the body and curving to the right.
  2. For the paw details, add gentle curves to the base of each paw, giving the impression of small pads.

Your cat now has an adorable tail and paw details that add character to your drawing. Good game !

Step 10: Adding Colors and Finishes

Kawaii Cat Drawing 10
For this last step, we will bring our Kawaii cat to life with touches of color:
  1. Gently color the cat's cheeks with a soft pink shade to make it look cute and playful.
  2. You can also add a slight shade of color to the body if you wish, while leaving some areas white to give a shine effect.
  3. Be sure to color the inside of the ears with a light pink shade to accentuate the details.
  4. Review your drawing to make sure all lines are complete and that you are happy with your artwork.
Have you finished your kawaii cat drawing? Congratulations ! Hang it on your wall as a souvenir or give it to someone you know who is a fan of this style of drawing, it could be a good idea for a cat gift! Speaking of gifts, you can find lots of kawaii cat clothing on our store that might really interest you!
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There are hundreds of small characters serving as small mascots, whether in manga, anime or even certain brands! So don't hesitate to come and take a look at our site regularly, because we update ourselves very regularly on new developments. We hope you enjoyed this little drawing tutorial, don't hesitate to share it with someone close to you who is interested in drawing to allow them to practice on your favorite animal! Besides, if you like drawing, why not try, this time, to draw a realistic cat?

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