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How to Draw a Cat Footprint?

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Looking to draw a cat print ? Do you know what the cat's paw represents?

Welcome to the Monde Chat blog, today we are going to look at a specific part of our feline friends: the paws! Prepare your paper, your wooden pencil, your eraser and your black marker, we are going to learn how to trace a classic cat print!

Is everything in place? Here we go! 😻

The Cat's Paw Symbol

Before embarking on our pictorial art, it is interesting to know the meaning of what we want to draw, and yes! There are several ways to represent the cat paw, but most commonly it is displayed through cat tattoos and cat jewelry. Their precise meanings can be different depending on the context in which it is worn, let's take a closer look.

The Meanings of the Cat Paw Tattoo

We all know that the majority of people who get tattoos have a very specific reason. In addition to the look it gives them, each tattoo designates something that is close to their heart, such as a strong memory in their life or an allegory of their personality. In the case of the cat paw tattoo, it can mean multiple things.

The first meaning that can arise from this, and the most obvious, is the passion for cats , the love we give them! Getting a tattoo of something you really love is stupid, but it had to be made clear all the same. Then, the second meaning can relate to a memory of our domestic cat , as a form of mourning, for example. The last meaning that we can find on this type of tattoo is the representation of our sensitivity . When we think of a cat's paw, the idea of ​​tenderness and love comes directly to our mind, and therefore this meaning is very common. There are other meanings of the tattoo, for that, we will let you read our article talking about the Meanings of the Cat Paw Tattoo !

Cat paw tattoo

Cat Paw Jewelry: More than a Clothing Accessory

We can also find the cat footprint symbol on pendants, rings or bracelets! However, the meanings are, for the most part, less deep or researched than that of the tattoo, it makes sense. Often the meaning of the cat paw print in jewelry is simply the love we have towards these little felines. But we can also have other definitions similar to tattoos as materialized memories.

cat jewelry

Draw a Cat Footprint

After these few words on the meaning of this feline print, it is time to devote yourself to drawing! As this is an extremely simplistic design, there is no need to bring a ruler, or other tools specific to complex frescoes or illustrations. Just have a pencil, an A4 sheet of paper and, if you really want, an eraser to erase any possible erasures in case you want to make a perfect outline!

Enough talking, let’s start the steps.

Step 1: Draw the Metacarpal Pad

In our model, the cat's paw is separated into 2 main parts: the large pad, called the metacarpal cousin, and the small pads which represent our cat's fingers. For this step, we will start by drawing the main cushion! To do this, make a sort of more or less rounded equilateral triangle. You have several choices for the sides of the triangle. For the base, you can make the line slightly concave evenly, or by making small bumps. For the sides that join the vertex of the triangle, you can make them slightly convex, therefore rounded outwards, or concave. The most important thing is not to make straight lines ! We must at all costs make the lines rounded .

cat footprint drawing

Step 2: Trace the 4 Fingers of the Paw

The most important stage of the little masterpiece has passed! For this part, we will draw the 4 small pads that are above the central pad. There’s nothing complicated about this. Make 4 ovals, the ones on the ends should be slightly smaller than the ones in the center. If you want to have a cartoon effect, make sure that the 4 fingers are perfectly symmetrical! If you want a more realistic effect, then add a little irregularity, without exaggerating so that our cat doesn't have misshapen paws!

cat footprint drawing

Step 3: Color the inside of the Pads!

Now you should have a beautiful silhouette of your cat print! That means it’s coloring time! Take a black felt-tip pen or a gray pencil and fill in the little pads, being careful not to go beyond the outlines, obviously. For coloring, we advise you to keep the drawing in black and white in order to be the most classic. However, you can color the cat's footprint with your favorite color.

cat footprint drawing

Show your Love for Cats!

That's it ! Now you should have a beautiful drawing of your favorite pet's paw! In addition to having awakened your artistic soul, you have broadened your knowledge around the cat's paw by knowing the differences in symbols that can result from it. If you want to represent one of these values ​​and store your drawing pens, why not get a magnificent cat pencil case ? A sober and versatile design, this accessory will highlight your tenderness and the affection you have for our feline friends. Discover our collection by clicking on the image just below! 👇

Cat kit

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