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How can I have a close relationship with my cat?

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Do you want to have a better relationship with your cat? Do you want him to adore you? Are you wondering how to establish a true close relationship with him?

You are in the right place ! Our Monde Chat experts have written a very comprehensive article for you to answer all your questions!

To establish a close relationship with your cat, you will have to provide him with a lot of affection and interaction. In order to make your pet adore you, you need to treat him the same way, giving him love, attention and play time.

Cat slippers

Some cats really want a lot of attention, others don't. Their nature is often random, but rest assured, there are techniques to considerably increase your bond with him. We have prepared nine effective methods for you to improve the relationship with your cat.

Read them carefully and put them into practice, we guarantee rapid results!

how to have a close relationship with your cat

1/ Give him good quality food.

Feed your cat properly . Just like us, these small animals more than need a correct diet in order to maintain good health and a good mood. Obesity, for example, can lead to medical problems, which will be harmful to your feline.

So opt for high quality food. Take the time to read food packaging when shopping. Respect the recommended dosage so that your cat stays in shape.

If you want to prevent your cat from developing a particular taste, give him different sources and varieties of food. This will introduce him to new flavors and new tastes.

Cats eat a lot of dry food, so they have a fairly high water requirement . This is a fundamental difference with dogs. Cats need to drink more water than cats. They particularly appreciate fresh water and one thing to remember is that you should avoid placing it next to their food bowl, as they will think it is contaminated.

Fortunately, there are cat water fountains that are available on the market. These circulate the water and provide a feeling of freshness. This technique is particularly effective when faced with a somewhat difficult cat!

cat eating

2/ Socialize with him!

If you have just brought home a young cat, it is best to let him get his bearings little by little . He is arriving in a whole new universe and we must not rush him! You need to make him feel comfortable when you hold him or pet him.

He will thus get used to being touched and being in contact with you. He will be more docile for grooming and medical care.

If possible, introduce him to new people . This will increase his ability to socialize with strangers. Likewise, try to familiarize him with new sounds.

You can also get him used to traveling in his transport crate when you take him to the vet.

If you apply these tips gently and safely, it will greatly help your cat adapt to new changes and future experiences!

cat backpack

Cat backpacks are a great way to transport your companion!

3/ Take good care of your cat.

Felines are animals that are very sensitive to the indoor and outdoor environment. As a result, they contract diseases easily. It is therefore necessary to have your cat examined by the veterinarian at least twice a year.

To prevent the birth of unwanted babies and reduce the risk of HIV infection, we recommend sterilizing your cat . It is also important that the veterinarian puts fleas on it. If your cat disappears, you can easily find it and save time.

If your kitten spends a lot of time outside, ask your veterinarian about flea and worm treatment .

Dewormers are very important because when your cat has parasites it affects their mood. He will be much more angry and agitated.

adorable cat

4/ Train your cat with affection and kindness.

Don't think that your cat will learn house rules instinctively. He needs to be trained and it’s actually much simpler than you think.

You have to be very gentle with him when you train him. You should not punish him because it will significantly affect your relationship with him. He might even end up afraid of you!

Keep in mind that your cat has no intention of causing harm, even if you don't like what he's doing, he doesn't realize it.

For example, if you don't like him getting on the table, gently pick him up and put him on a chair. With repetition, he will eventually understand.

But don't forget, you shouldn't scare him, because he has a good memory and he will be wary of you for a while!

cat playing

5/ Play with him!

Interactive play is one of the best ways to develop trust with a cat . Participate in play sessions twice a day as much as possible, if possible for 15 minutes.

You will easily know when your pet wants to play. Cats often have a crazy fifteen minutes, during which it is important to play with them.

Enrich your environment, if possible create a play area using cat trees, puzzles and other toys that could resemble prey!

Cats love cat trees, they're a great playground!

6/ Provide him with appropriate litter.

Your cat should be able to easily access its litter box . Many people make the mistake of putting it in an isolated place in the house. The litter box should be a good size. If possible, try to fill it with a composition that your cat likes. He must feel comfortable in it!

Don't forget to pick up the bin regularly to renew it!

7/ Learn their body language.

To strengthen your bond with your cat, you need to understand their emotions . It is by observing his body language that you will be able to get along with him easily.

To fully understand cat body language, we invite you to read our previous article on “ why do cats tap their tails on the ground?” ".

Make eye contact with your cat . Look him straight in the eye, open and close your eyes so that he imitates you.

Your cat's tail can tell you what's going on in his head.

There are generally three scenarios:

  • If the tail is pointing upwards, it means he is in a good mood, content and happy to be near you.
  • If the tail is pointing downward, this indicates that your little feline is in a serious mood.
  • If he whips his tail, it indicates anxiety, embarrassment or aggression. Leave him alone in this scenario.

cat playing with its tail

8/ Make yourself available!

We are all very busy and sometimes it can be difficult to find time to spend with our pets. However, know that it is very important to spend time with them.

Cats have the advantage of being independent animals, meaning they can take care of themselves for long hours. But from time to time, they need moments of tenderness, attention and cuddles.

Make yourself available when you feel they need you. They will reward you and be much more confident with you.

So give your cat little attentions!

9/ Respect their independence!

Cats are very independent by nature and you must respect that. Above all, don't force them to do something they don't like.

For example, some cats don't like taking baths. Respect his desires and his character so as not to offend him!

Develop a true bond with your cat!

weird looking cat

Develop a true bond with your cat!

You now have the cards in hand to have a close relationship with your cat !

By applying the 9 steps we have seen, you will considerably increase your bond with him . Your cat will give you much more trust and love.

Long moments of cuddles and complicity with your beloved animal are yours!

If you want to go further, you can invest in some accessories to keep it busy for long hours. Your cat will thus be more relaxed and rested. Gaming is a great way to let off steam!

Discover our collection of cat duvet covers ! This accessory is really ideal for giving you and your feline a place to rest!

Cat duvet cover

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