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Top 7 Cats That Stay Small All Their Lives!

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Kittens are so adorable that sometimes we wish they would always stay small... There are many breeds of cats that stay small. These cats combine small size and weight even as adults.

Cats are like children. Sometimes we dream of seeing them stay small all their lives. Little cats are so cute , their kitten hair is so soft, they are full of life and go everywhere... We wish they would never grow up.

And if it was possible ? There are breeds of cats that stay small forever. That is to say, they reach adulthood without really changing physically. They go through adolescence and show all the traits of an adult like character and skill, but without gaining an ounce or an inch.

If a knowledgeable cat owner doesn't care, it may seem strange to someone who is unaware of these surprising breeds . Although there may be exceptions, here for us are the top 7 cat breeds that stay small .

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It is generally accepted that a cat becomes an adult at the age of one year. According to the weight curve of this species, at this age, a healthy tomcat should weigh between 3 and 10 kilos depending on its breed and its diet. Below 3 kilos , the cat is considered too puny and above 10 kilos, it can either be a huge cat such as the Maine Coon or a case of obesity.

But, did you know that there are cats who maintain a weight close to that of a kitten all their lives? Or less than 3 kg for the majority of them? These specimens will not gain weight while being, of course, in excellent health!


Obviously, we must not forget the size of the animal . A cat can be light, but have a long body. An adult cat measures on average 40cm to more than a meter long, as is the case with some Maine Coons .

This is why cats that remain small even as adults always measure less than 40 cm long !

Today there are several breeds of cats that remain small even as adults. Which means that we can know, even before adopting a cat of one of these breeds, that it will remain the little kitten that we love.


As you will have understood, it is not a question of dwarfism . The latter cannot be predicted. Whatever the breed of cat, it may happen that yours simply suffers from this syndrome. Which means that certain cats that do not belong to cat breeds that remain small may have the same characteristics (size and weight) as the latter.

So, in the event that your cat does not develop, it does not belong to any of the breeds of cats that remain small. He can simply be considered dwarf. Which changes absolutely nothing to its behavior, its character, or its size, adorable kitten!

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Based on the two criteria discussed above, here is a selection of 7 cat breeds that remain small , even as adults.


This breed of cat from the United Kingdom weighs between 2 and 4 kg and measures 30 cm. Which makes him one of the big cat species that stays small .

Its hair is short, sometimes curly and close to the body. Which accentuates its small appearance . He is a very sensitive cat who constantly demands attention.

Even as an adult, he will always stay in your paws , although very eccentric. Which makes him a cute kitten for life, because he won't stop asking for your caresses and can even get angry if he isn't served!

devon rex cat small


Originally from the United States, the Balinese is the proud descendant of the Siamese . On the other hand, he is much smaller than him . It weighs on average 2 kg and measures 25 to 30 cm. Its generally long hair gives it a puffy appearance which makes it a very good companion for “cuddle” evenings.

small balinese cat


This small cat from Thailand weighs between 2.5 and 4.5 kg and measures 25 cm. It is a very calm cat with medium-long or medium-short hair. You will love his peaceful temperament . On the other hand, the Korat hates noise . Large families should refrain. Children love cats that stay small, but this one is not best suited for play and noisy environments.

small korat cat


Like the Balinese, the LaPerm is a breed of cat native to the United States . It weighs between 2 and 3 kg and measures between 25 and 30 cm. These hairs are short and close to the body. Which makes it appear smaller. He is passionate about cuddling , but can also be independent. He is very gentle and does not raise his voice.

cat laperm small


This cat from the United States is the result of the cross between the LaPerm and the Munchkin (which follows). We therefore understand that he is a miniature cat. It is one of the smallest species of cats that stays small .

It measures less than 30cm and weighs between 2.5 and 4 kg for the largest specimens. The Skookum's hair is curly and its legs are short. You will love this adorable little cat because he is very easy to live with .

smookum cat small


Originally from the United States, this breed of cat is particularly small . It is undoubtedly the best known of the small cats and also, the relative of the Skookum, to whom it donated its little paws. The Munchkin measures between 21 and 23 cm and weighs between 2 and 4 kilos. A priori, it is larger than the Skookum, but its hair close to the body makes it a small ball comparable to a baby stuffed toy. He is completely adorable and we tend to mistake him for the only cat that remains small .

small munchkin cat


The prize for the smallest cat that stays small goes to Singapura. He steals the show from the Munchkin because he weighs between 1.8 and 2.7 kilos. It generally does not reach 3 kilos. It measures 25 cm and has short hairs. He is a very intelligent and very calm cat, although extremely curious.

small singapura cat

Here are the 7 main breeds of cats that stay small . Some, like the Munchkin, are more common and therefore easy to find. This is not the case with Skookum, which is not a very common cat in France.

Either way, remember that it's not just about weight or height. These big kittens, in addition to being small, retain their adorable, docile and cuddly character. They are just waiting to be adopted!

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