Teenager Cat Pencil Case


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The teen chat kit is the perfect complement to the back -to -school arsenal of any student classes! Its unique style and its creative visual appearance as a cat add a catchy touch that will run the heads while being functional enough to store your school affairs. The bright colors of its fur will give your bag a playful side that will allow you to stand out wherever you go.

It has a large space for all the essential elements you need for your trips: pens, notebooks, textbooks, scientific kits – everything you take with you during your day! What distinguishes the teen cat kit from other bags? It is made from a lasting and superlegion material, so that it never adds too much weight while keeping its shape intact. Its special water resistant fabric also protects your things inside without any problem.

This kit is beautiful and pleasant to wear, with an incredibly cute personality – because why cannot school be fun? Spend your day knowing that you are elegant with this innovative kit and make each school outing an adventure!

  • Dimensions: h = 11 cm; L = 22 cm; L = 4.5 cm
  • Weight: 50 g
  • Material: polyester
  • Resistant zipper
  • Original and quality cat design
  • standard delivery offered
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