Pink silver Cat Ring


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Display your wild side with the emblematic pink silver chat ring from our fashion collection! This exquisite Sterling silver accessory has a unique brand -shaped design that embodies the ferocity of your personality. Whether you go to the office or go out for an evening in town, this jewel is sure to stand out and attract everyone’s attention.

The silver band is made of Sterling 925 silver, adding a hint of shine that will captivate all those around you. The claws that overcome the ring create a superb natural appearance, both romantic and attractive. When you slide this ring to your finger, you will see the heads turn to you as a sign of admiration! For an outfit that breathes confidence and mystery, be sure to add this pink silver chat ring.

  • Solid silver: Sterling 925
  • Careful details, original and unique design
  • Light ring
  • Adjustable ring: It adapts to any finger size
  • standard delivery offered

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