Matou Cat Stickers


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let everyone know that you are a real cat lover with the cat stickers! This high quality sticker, which attracts attention and represents the face of an adorable tomcat, is the ideal way to show your love of cats wherever you go. This sticker is small enough to be placed on any surface and look magically cute, without being too strong or invasive.

In addition, its adhesive support allows you to stick it easily wherever you want – photocopy books, skateboards and laptops, to name a few. With its bright colors and hand drawing, the cat stickers will make your friends smile every time they see it. He will not fail to stand out from all the other stickers – in more ways than one! Not only is it undoubtedly one of the cutest stickers of the moment, but it is also made from solid materials: it will not flash and will not discolor over time, so that you can Proudly display your little feline wherever life will take you. Be creative with your stickers and have fun sticking them everywhere! So why wait? Make your environment perfectly cute and buy your own Matou chat stickers now.

  • Withdraws without leaving traces
  • Pose simple and fast
  • Dimensions: ~ 25 x 25 cm
  • Composition : PVC plastic
  • standard delivery offered
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