Male Cat Costume


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Do you have a kitten at home that needs the perfect costume? Look no further than this man’s cat costume! This fabulous costume for cats is perfect for any corsair feline. Available in three sizes, it is perfectly suitable for all cats, whatever their size.

With its clever design, it brings a refreshing touch to the classic superhero makeup to which you may be used to. Made with soft and comfortable materials, this comfortable outfit is just as pleasant to wear to relax inside as to experience an epic night adventure!

This essential costume is guaranteed so that your hair feline looks like a heroic character out of your comic book or your favorite film. Make your dreams a reality today and leave the superhero that lies sleeping in shining with this unique man-chat costume!

  • elastic matter: You will have no difficulty in putting this outfit on your feline
  • Porter to wear: your cat will feel very little embarrassment by carrying this disguise
  • comfortable: Light and sweet clothing
  • Material: polyester
  • Unique and quality design
  • Machine washing: 30 °
  • standard delivery offered

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