Kitten Stickers


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Nothing is more cute than a kitten stickers! This adorable vinyl sticker has a fanciful design of an incredibly cute kitten with large round eyes and a little pink nose. It is perfect for decorating your laptop, your cups, the windows of your car or any other place where you want to add a delicious charm.

Not only is he visually pleasant, but he also carries the enthusiasm and energy of this beloved animal in him. Its bright colors stand out beautifully from any surface on which you place it, adding spice to a banal environment. Whether you love cats or just appreciate artistic excellence, this charming sticker will not fail to make you smile!

  • Withdraws without leaving traces
  • Pose simple and fast
  • Dimensions: ~ 25 x 25 cm
  • Composition : PVC plastic
  • standard delivery offered
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