Hidden Cat Stickers


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Here is the hidden cat stickers – a fun and malicious way to show that you are full of surprises! As soon as you add this cute sticker on any surface, it instantly brings a mysterious atmosphere.

The subtle design and catchy illustrations create an air of suspense. Whether you display it on your laptop, on the window of your car or elsewhere, all those who will see it will wonder what they can expect from you and your life! This elegant work of art presents a white background with playful shapes sewn in blue and pink. In its center is a hidden kitten whose feeding patterns create additional interest. This impressive design will capture people’s attention and intrigue them more until they discover the secret feline. Long any room in your home by adorning it with this fanciful sticker! All visitors will light up when their eyes will land on the malice that this ultimate symbol of surprise brings. Or, get out of your home to add a fun decoration to your vehicle.

So enter the hidden cat sticker now if you want to show everyone that there is more than what we see when it comes to you and your style. Make sure they come back for more awards as they discover your fascinating personality!

  • Withdraws without leaving traces
  • Pose simple and fast
  • Dimensions: ~ 25 x 25 cm
  • Composition : PVC plastic
  • standard delivery offered
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