Hello Kitty Cat Necklace


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welcome the always adorable Hello Kitty in your wardrobe with the cat hello kitty pendant! This unique pendant captures the magic essence of our favorite feline, with complex details that absolutely dazzle when you wear it. Made of sterling silver and adorned with a multitude of crystals, each necklace is finished with a polishing of a brushed finish to create this specially designed pendant.

Perfect for fashionistas and lovers of everything that is cute, no look is complete without your own cat hello kitty pendant. Highlight this piece around your neck to express your playful personality with style!

  • Metal type: zinc alloy
  • Resistant necklace: Reinforced, elegant and maili structure
  • pendant pleasant to wear: no discomfort on your skin
  • Careful details, original and unique design
  • Adjustable and light chain offered
  • standard delivery offered
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