Hat Cat Hoodie


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Do you like cats? So the chat hat sweater is for you! This hilarious and cute adult sweater is designed to make you look like a cat wearing an elegant hat. From his cute ears that protrude from deep hood to his fun face with his outing tongue, this cat’s hat-over sweater will not fail to leave an impression on all your friends and your family.

In addition, it is cozy and comfortable, which allows you to wear it almost everywhere! There are several sizes so that you have the perfect size, but we advise you to take a size above your normal size. In this way, the cat’s hat sweater will not only be a fashion accessory, it will also be a “purring” accessory. So go ahead, be cool and show your love of cats at the same time with the chat hat sweatshirt. It is perfect for all occasions!

  • Optimal comfort: anti-protection fabric
  • Composition: polyester and organic cotton with long fibers
  • hot and thick sweatshirt
  • Recommended wash: 30 degrees (optimal conservation)
  • standard delivery offered

Our sweating sweaters quite small, we advise you to take 1 size above as a guarantee of safety. Do not hesitate to trust the guide of sizes!


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