Egyptian Cat Socks


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Here is our most cute new addition to the sock drawer, Egyptian cat socks! These socks are perfect for showing your love of everything that is Egyptian, or simply to add a touch of fantasy and fun to your outfit. Each sock is adorned with an adorable cat face, with blue eyes. The socks can therefore be worn with any type of shoe. They are also made in a soft and expandable material, which allows them to be carried comfortably all day.

Whether you are looking for a fun gift for a cat lover in your life, or you just want to add a little personality to your own wardrobe, these socks are the perfect choice for purrs!

  • comfortable and breathable socks (Standard thickness)
  • One size: from 35 to 41
  • Unique “cat” design
  • Basse socks
  • Composition: 100% cotton
  • Careful details, original and unique design
  • standard delivery offered

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