Black Cat Stickers


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who can withstand the charm of these adorable black cats? Our black cat stickers displays the image of an elegant and playful black cat that will make any face smile! This high quality sticker is shiny and vibrant, easy to apply in any place, whether outside or inside. What better way to brighten up your office or bedroom window? Not only is it catchy and durable, but it is also affordable – because who does not like good deals?

You can even customize this sticker with the perfect message. Whether you choose something fun, spiritual or kind, your personalized sticker will bring out the space you have chosen. And as these little felines have always been associated with magic and luck, you know that one of these full -shaped stickers will be in good luck wherever you go! So do not hesitate to get one today and surprise those around you.

  • Withdraws without leaving traces
  • Pose simple and fast
  • Dimensions: ~ 25 x 25 cm
  • Composition : PVC plastic
  • standard delivery offered
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