How to draw Garfield?

Do you want to discover how to draw Garfield easily? Would you like to have examples and a model? You don’t know how to do it and you would like to be guided?

We are passionate about this character and we will help you make his portrait.

Dessin Garfield

In this guide, we:

  • Will quickly introduce you who is Garfield
  • Will list the material you will need to make this drawing
  • Let’s go draw Garfield together

In a few minutes you will be able to draw this famous cat as a pro! Prepare a banche leaf and a pencil, and let’s go!

Who is Garfield?

Garfield is a big cat with a red coat and black scratches from drawn of the same name. He is known for his behavior, in fact he loves to sleep, eat lasagna and annoy his comrade, the dog odie , as well as his master Jon . This fictitious character made his first appearance in 1978 in the comic Strip Garfield of Jim Davis . We can also see him appear in many cartoons or films .

Did you know ? Garfield was born in an Italian restaurant, where he developed his love for lasagna. Later, it was sold to an pet store to prevent the restaurant from closing its doors because of a lack of pasta!

The necessary equipment :

In order to achieve this portrait, you will need:

  • Of a white paper sheet
  • Of a pencil / pen and a gum
  • colored pencils or felts for coloring

Draw Garfield easily:

Now that you’re ready, you know who is this big red cat and what it looks like, it’s time to draw it.

We have separated the realization in 9 steps to follow:

Step 1: Eyes and cheeks

Étape 1

Start by drawing a small oval to represent the nose . On each side of the nose, traces a curved line which ends in a spiral. This forms the top of Garfield’s mouth and his cheeks .

Then, makes an oval starting from the middle of the nose and arriving to the right cheek in order to represent the first eye. For the second eye, go from the left cheek and make a curved line arriving on the right eye.

Finally, traces a line on each eye, at the top of the cheeks, to form the eyelids . You can then make two small circles to represent the pupils .

Step 2: Mouth and head

Étape 2

Make the mouth using two curves, each going from nose to cheeks and creates small lines in the shape of a “U” to the corners of the mouth to form dimples .

Made of small points in the cheekbones in order to represent the base of mustaches .

Then draw the sides of the face using long curved lines.

Step 3: The ears and the belly

Étape 3

To make ears : use curved lines that overlap to form rounded triangular shapes. Then details the ears by drawing a curved line on each of them.

Make three lines with a fine base and at the broader end, at the base of each ear, to indicate the tufts of Garfield hair.

Symbolizes chin with a small curved line.

And draws her round body using 3 curves.

Step 4: The arm and the right hand

Let us now attack his arm and his right hand.

Étape 4

Start by tracing the arm with lines in the shape of “L” then realizes the palm of the hand , and finally the fingers starting with the thumb.

Step 5: The arm and the left hand

Étape 5

Draw the outline of the palm of the right hand with two curved lines.

Then use a series of lines that overlap to start drawing the rest of the arm.

Step 6: The left foot

Étape 6

Complete the left hand using two curved lines to draw the third finger and the side of the hand.

Then, traces two straight and parallel lines from the opening of the bottom of the torso. Here is the Garfield’s leg.

Use curved lines that overlap to draw the top and bottom of foot .

Step 7: The right foot

Étape 7

Complete the left foot using two curved lines that overlap to form the remaining toes.

We can now make the leg and right foot!

Use a straight line for the front of the leg and lines that overlap for the top of the foot and the first two toes.

Step 8: The tail

Étape 8

Complete the right foot with a line in the shape of a “C” for the last toe and a curved line for the lower foot.

You can now do the tail using a long curved line that duplicates itself.

Step 9: Black stripes

Here is the route is over! Now all you have to do is do the black scratches from our favorite cat.

Étape 9

You can start by doing those present at the top of each ear, then then those of the head and back and finally finish with those present on the tail.

And there you have just drawn Garfield!

How to color Garfield?

Coloriage Garfield

If you want to go even further, you can color Garfield!

You will need a pencil or a orange felt in order to make your coat red.

Then you can color your cheeks in yellow .

And finally end up coloring your little nose in pink .

Make your drawing like a pro!

And now, you have all the elements in hand to draw Garfield as an expert!

If you still have trouble representing it or if you find that your drawing is not yet perfect, do not worry, it is completely normal. Continue to train and we are convinced that you will get there!

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