Top 7 cat superpowers that make them incredible

Did you know that cats have several supernatural powers ? Do you want to find out which ones?

In this case, you are in the right place! We will reveal to you in this article 7 supernatural powers that our cats have cats have!

From ancient Egypt, the cat was venerated and considered a sacred animal . Like humans, he was mummified at his death in order to guarantee him an eternal life in the afterlife. During history, the cat has marked civilizations and it is often attributed to supernatural gifts.

We will all reveal them here in this article! Let’s go together to discover the incredible powers of our cats! 🐱

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1/ Cats keep our hearts in excellent health.

You read correctly ! According to a scientific study carried out on 4,500 people, cats have the capacity of decreasing the percentage of heart attack or stroke of 30%. This study was carried out over a period of 10 years.

What is the reason ? It is very likely that this is due to their soothing purring . Scientists have looked into the subject and have done several studies.

The result ? The purring of cats would indeed have the effect of reducing stress and blood pressure . The frequency of these small noises would vary between 20 and 140 Hertz and would be beneficial for health. There are many videos asmr of cat purrons.

It is most likely for this reason that cats have the power to preserve our hearts, because they reduce our stress .

So do not hesitate to abuse long hug sessions with your adored feline!

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The purring of cats is ideal for relaxing!

2/ Cats reduce stress.

Cats are examples to follow in terms of relaxation. They are capable of sleeping for hours . Here are several reasons why they promote a reduction in our stress:

  • As we have just seen previously, their purring soothed and would be beneficial on our health . The frequency in question would have an impact on us.
  • Cats take a lot of naps. This little habit is an example to follow. Did you know that making a little nap daily could improve your memory, your creativity, your mood and your productivity?
  • Cats are meditation professionals! These can remain immobile hours to set a specific point. They live the present moment and savor life!
  • Cats are very funny and have this ability to make us laugh . As you probably know, laughter is extremely beneficial for health and helps reduce stress. Your pet will not fail to make you laugh on many occasions!
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3/ Cats see the spirits.

This is a theory that many share! Cats would be capable of to see invisible beings in our human eyes . Cats sometimes start to fix something that cannot be seen.

It is believed that the main reason comes from the vision specific to cats. They would actually have the possibility of perceiving a spectrum of vision more widened than ours. These felines would thus see lights or things invisible to us.

This would be the most plausible explanation for this phenomenon. However, nothing is certain and there are still many disturbing paranormal testimonies, where cats would have felt attacked by an invisible force. Remember, threatened cats make the big back, meow and have bristled hairs.

4/ Cats have an excellent long -term memory.

These adorable animals have the competence of remember their owner in the very long term . They establish strong affections with those who spend a lot of time with them. They will not forget you, they can even find their way if they have lost themselves.

The short memory of the cat can reach, can last until 4 p.m., while that of the dog does not exceed 5 minutes.

This is especially on the long memory criterion where the cat excels. If the latter has had a bad experience with his former master, he will not forget it for years and will be wary of humans.

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Be sure not to offend your cat! He will remember for a very long time and you will have to be forgiven. Conversely, he will also not forget the moments of love and hugs!

5/ They can survive incredible falls.

It is said that a cat has 9 lives.

Indeed, these animals have very good resistance and ability to endure difficult experiences. They can even resist serious illnesses like cancers for a very long time.

In addition, cats can survive impressive falls. According to an American study of 1987, it was admitted that:

  • The higher the height, the more the cat wins in terminal speed. If for example a cat falls from a building of more than 5 floors, a kind of parachute effect is triggered . It can survive a fall in this height in 90% of cases, if it is taken care of quickly.
  • During the study, some cats fell by 26 floors and survived without absolutely no injury.

How do they manage to survive such falls?

In the wild, cats live a lot in trees and they are used to falling from an early age. It is very likely that this animal species has develop increased resistance for this reason.

They are able to balance themselves, so as to land more or less without injuries. So, convinced by this superpower? 🐱

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6/ They wear luck.

Did you know that in Japan, cats are associated with luck ?

This is why there are many small cat figurines, called Maneki Neko. These statuettes raise the paw at the level of the ear.

Tradition has it that the figurine is placed in front of the home door, in order to attract luck, happiness and prosperity . It is a symbol of abundance that is embodied by this popular feline.

In Japanese culture, the cat is truly adulated and respected by its owners. Merchants think that a maneki-Neko in front of their shop attracts the number of visitors.

In China, he embodies peace and fortune . In Russia, it is also considered a real lucky carrier and it is almost 60% Russian families who have a cat at home! It is a real planetary success around the world, which leads us to our last super-power …

7/ They are very popular.

The cat began to live with humans about 10,000 years ago, in the region of the fertile crescent in the Middle East. He will then know a success in ancient Egypt, where he will be venerated. For example, taking a cat outside the country’s borders was liable to the death penalty. The goddess Bast (Bastet) was one of the most popular with Egyptians. She was represented with a pussy head.

Cats embodied Protection, fertility and maternity . They protected the harvests of the vermines.

Nowadays, cats are also experiencing resounding success. This feline is the most popular pet in most Western countries as well as Russia.

On the Internet, chat videos combine million views . You understand, the cat fascinates. This animal is extremely popular and adored by most people.

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The cat: an extraordinary animal.

You now know the 7 main superpowers of our cats!

They have others, in particular:

  • A very fast racing speed.
  • An impressive force in the legs, as well as an extraordinary agility.
  • An ability to jump more than 5 to 6 times its size, thanks to the strength of its rear legs.
  • Outstanding elasticity and flexibility. A cat can sneak into very small holes, twist and change direction at lightning speed.
  • A great hearing, capable of detecting 180 degrees, inaudible to the human ear. Cats can hear a voice four to five times further than a human being.

Impressive isn’t it? You are now a real expert in cats.

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